2nd International Conference on Smart Sensing and Artificial Intelligence (ICS2AI’22)

March 18-20, 2022.

Important dates

Paper Submission Deadline: Februaryr 9th, 2020 23:59 CET

Extended Paper Submission Deadline: February 9th, 2020 23:59 CET

Acceptance:  February 23rd, 2020 23:59 CET

Final paper upload: March 1st, 2020 23:59 CET

Call for papers

Registration instructions

  • Authors with accepted papers must register to attend the conference.

  • Participants who have non-accepted papers can also register to attend the conference as attendant.

  • Accepted papers should be registered before the 14th of February 2020 .

  • Accepted papers will appear in the conference proceedings only if the payment has been made and at least one author will present the paper at the conference.

  • All authors with accepted papers must submit their camera-ready version in PDF and source files.

Registration fees

  • For the inclusion of an accepted paper in the conference proceeding, at least one author of the paper must register for the conference and pay the fee before the deadline.
  • Authors may present only one additional paper against 150€ (for Tunisian Universities: 150 TND) as supplementary fee.
  • The maximum number of pages per paper is six (6). You may purchase up to two extra pages per paper at additional fee of 50€ (for Tunisia Universities: 50 TND) per page/per paper.

Other countries Tunisian Universities Deadline
Authors 200 Euros 300 DT October 21, 2020
Attendees Free Free


Registration payment can be currently fulfilled by:

  • Account number: TN59 0100 9052 1100 0127 7737
  • Beneficiary name: Slama Best Choice Event Organization Campany
  • Bank: Arab Tunisian Bank
  • Office Address: 2 Road Youssef Rouissi Manar 2 Tunis 2092 Tunisia

Guidelines, Benefits and Policies

  • Each accepted and registered paper will be published in the conference proceedings and must be presented at the conference.

  • It is mandatory that the camera-ready, copyright document, registration and payment, are received by the conference by the deadline indicated below as “early registration”.

  • To register a paper, the participant needs to select the "Speaker" registration. This applies to student papers and/or poster presentations.

    1. Discounts over the registration fee are not cumulative

    2. Student Benefits: Students must confirm their status by presenting a student card and a signed declaration from the supervisor professor.

    3. Cancellation policy: in case of cancellation the registration fees will not be refunded

  • Students without a paper are entitled to substantial discounts over the basic registration for non-speakers

Parallel Events


The purpose of workshops is to provide a more interactive and focused platform for presenting and discussing new and emerging ideas. The format of paper presentations may include oral presentations, poster presentations, keynote lectures and panels.
Depending on the number of presentations, workshops can be scheduled for 1 day.

Special Session

Special sessions are very small and specialized events to be held during the conference as a set of oral and poster presentations that are highly specialized in some particular theme or consisting of the works of some particular international project.

The goal of special sessions (minimum 4 papers; maximum 9) is to provide a focused discussion on innovative topics. All accepted papers will be published in a special section of the conference proceedings book, under an ISBN reference, and on CD-ROM support.


The role of the tutorials is to provide a platform for a more intensive scientific exchange amongst researchers interested in a particular topic and as a meeting point for the community. Tutorials complement the depth-oriented technical sessions by providing participants with broad overviews of emerging fields. A tutorial can be scheduled for 1 or 3 hours.


A panel is basically a one and a half hour to 2 hours session in which four to six speakers - distinguished members of the scientific and/or enterprise community, briefly present different perspectives/opinions on key issues with the goal of stimulating a lively, controversial, and provocative discussion. Panelists are expected to actively debate one another and engage the audience to help broaden understanding of the technologies and issues. Two types of panels are to be considered: Research Panels oriented to the academic community and focused on the discussion of research topics and Industrial Panels oriented to promote knowledge exchanges between academia and industry.

Open Communications

Open Communications provide researchers and practitioners with a simple and concise, yet exciting and interactive opportunity to present their research, case studies, novel approaches, techniques or technologies to the conference audience. Speakers can submit either a 1-page abstract or a previously published work, which will be screened by a panel of experts, including the conference and program chairs. Open Communications will be advertised in the conference program and abstracts will be included in a book of abstracts, but not published in the proceedings.

Log on the submission and registration platform in order to manage your conference registration, and fee payment.

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